About Us

Adwaith Motor Driving School located in Kottayam is one of the major subjects which mainly deals with Driving License Consultants. Apart from driving license consultants, RTO Consultants are also a specialty of our Adwaith Motor Driving School.

Anoop K S

Managing Director

Ajitha Sam

Managing Partner

Soby Anoop

Managing Partner

Location and observation

Adwaith Motor Driving School was established in 2009. It is located at Erumely, in Kottayam, which tops the list of driving license consultants. This is known as a one-stop destination, which mainly serves customers in different areas of Kottayam.

Our Adwaith Motor Driving School is known as a reliable motor driving school in Kottayam. Today, after our continuous efforts and hard work, we have reached this milestone of success. Our objective soon is to expand our customer base along with products and services.

Services and products

Adwaith Motor Driving School has designed a wide range of products for its customers to provide all products related to Driving License Consultants and RTO Consultants. We are always ready to provide any kind of assistance to our customers. For more information, visit the Adwaith Motor Driving School site.



It established in 2009 and located at Kottayam, in Erumely



Large no. of seats at every month



Happy students who got license