We have been part of the Indian driving school community since 2009, our long term vision to see all the Indian drivers as confident and responsible on the road never changed. Currently, we are active in Kottayam local and other parts of Kottayam, but in the future, we are planning to cover all India by building Customer trust and providing Them with the best technique training. The safety measures are also handled by us in an upmost manner as we at Adwaith believes that everybody needs to be safe and confident while on the road and with this attitude of ours and increase in customer satisfaction we have helped this establishment garner a vast base of customers, which continues to grow by the day.

The three major aspects are also the valuable and focused points for our motor driving school to deal with the customers as it is designed by all the experienced trainers of our driving school trainers and also with the consultation of experts of this area.

Apart from our Motor Driving School we also are leading in the areas such as Driving licence consultant, RTO consultant. With this facility, we provide all the type of assistance our customer requires from applying for the licence to tips to excel with ease in the RTO driving exam. This is because the employee involves with this business are working tirelessly to achieve the common vision and larger goal of the company, with this effortless working we will be able to increase our products and services in the future.

For now, focusing on the driving school curriculum we basically initiated the two kinds of program, Foundation program will let all the amateur drivers become road-ready and second our Professional program will help all the experienced drivers to increase their skills and tune them to become professional on the Indian roads.

The Adwaith motor driving school is not a driving school as others but it interacts with their customers, provides them with the knowledge on the car they are driving, certified trainers are there to invigilate every newcomer. After this, if the customer requires further instruction our trainers are always ready to provide be it be licence consultation or RTO consultation.

We are confident that our Adwaith Driving School will set a new standard in India for Quality, Driver training and traffic safety.

For Adwaith, we don’t train our customers we educate them!